The Child Who Taught Me to Give

It was about five years ago when I arrived at a little girl’s home with a white box with orange and pick ribbons tied festively in a bow to secure the contents inside.  Sarah was the Via E girl of the month.  She was awarded this honor after her mother wrote in and submitted an entry telling of how Sarah had shown compassion and leadership to help others.

I was especially impressed with Sara because she gave of herself in a very personal way.  Sarah spent 8 months growing her hair with the intention of cutting it off and donating it to help girls who had lost their own hair due to sickness.

Sarah had a sweet smile and sported a freshly cut bob hairstyle.  In her presence I actually felt a bit small.  Here was a girl not older than seven years who had given one of the most prized possessions a little girl has…her own hair.  Sarah and her mom’s impression never left me.  I had to do more.

I later found more girls who were giving of their hair.  How wonderful, I thought!  But admiring, praising and even rewarding others who care so deeply for others that they literally give of themselves was not enough.  I wanted to join in and help too.

haircutIt began 18 months ago.  I decided I would grow my hair for another.  Over the period of time, I would take care not to damage my hair because it was not my own anymore…I was growing it for some girl who couldn’t grow her own hair.  As it took on that long hair look, I would periodically take out my tape measure to see how close I was to my goal of ten inches.  As we came into the year end of 2014, I knew I would reach my goal by Valentine’s Day 2015.  My Valentine gift would be to help a girl smile by sending her a piece of my heart by way of my hair to cover her own hair loss.

With all the planning, caring and waiting, I found that it wasn’t enough…what I mean is that I could only help one girl.  That’s when I remembered Sarah and her mom.  Sarah inspired me so maybe I can inspire someone(s) too.  AND then they could inspire more and so on and so on.  There are more of us who can grow hair than girls who can’t.  So all we need to do is care enough to donate and inspire others to do the same.

You can start your journey today.

There is a wonderful organization that gives FREE wigs to girls who have lost their hair due to illness.  They will continue to provide wigs until the girl(s) in need reach 21 years old.

I just sent my hair to them today…ten inches!  But they will take as short as eight inches.

It doesn’t require money to love and give of oneself.  The only requirement is a heart full of love and willing to help others in need.

Thank you, Sarah, for teaching me this very special lesson. An thank you to all those who have already taken this journey and continue to inspire others.