She can become a published Author today!

Via E announces a new website that publishes girl’s stories for free. The new Via ME Author’s Desk site has a goal of encouraging girls to read and write by making the process fun and exciting.  All she has to do is email a story, a cover illustration, any interior illustrations and a short biography with her name, age and picture (optional.)  Locations are not published to protect each girl and make the online environment safe.

Via ME Author's Desk

We will review the story, make any edits necessary, post the story and follow-up with an email telling her that she is now published.  Also provided are writing tips for her to apply to her next story.  Even the best authors have an editor–now your girl does too!  The number of stories that can be published for one author is unlimited.

Writing is fun when creativity is unleashed from the mechanics of the art.  The more she writes, the easier the mechanics become.  With writing comes an appreciation for other written works and soon she will find a love of both reading and writing–they way it was meant to be.

The Via Me Author’s Desk site is ready for its first stories so send in your favorite stories today!

Visit: and email your stories to:

Via Me is a division of Via E where the spotlight is on showcasing each girl’s talent.  Via E, Inc. has a charter of providing toys and education system that support wholesome family values.  Via E is a young company with a big heart.  Help us build a community where the focus is on the development of girls vs. the development of a Wall Street agenda.  Follow us on WordPress, Twitter, and like us on Facebook.  Your vote of confidence counts!


Mom, Dad Are You Going To Vote?

How you answer this question says more than who you vote for and what political party you associate.  Our children are watching, learning and building attitudes towards the world around us.  Not voting implies indifference, lack of faith in the system and influences their attitudes on the matter.  Children are curious by nature.  They listen and ponder issues that surround them and are eager to participate in building a better world.  Without your participation, your child is influenced by teachers, PTAs, friends, each opinion circling in their heads as they try to put the issues into columns of good and bad.

Children do vote;  they do feel passion for what they think is right or wrong.  Their votes may not be recorded today, but they are heard on the winds of tomorrow.  So the question is:  Who will educate your child on how to make good decisions?  What values are worth fighting for?  How to determine when they are being misled?  These critical thinking skills are seeded in youth and molded by those of influence.  If you don’t discuss important issues with your child, they will look to another for guidance.

Make voting a family habit, a family discussion…but most of all teach them that they do have a voice by showing them yours.  VOTE.

November’s Craft for Girls — My Box of Thanks

November marks a tradition of giving thanks for the wonderful things in our lives.  Here is a craft to help your favorite girl celebrate what she is thankful for this year.  Print out the craft sheet below, follow the directions to make a box that can be filled with her notes of thanks.  Make several and give them to all the important people she cares about.  Don’t forget to share us with your friends!