Bring Alex Home–Passing the time with fun!

As we all await the arrival of the first production Alex dollfriends, I thought we could have a little fun to help pass the time.  This game is my way of playing with the reality of the effort to bring Alex to your home.  I hope it makes you smile.



Crafts for Girls–Dollfriend Tennis Racquet

This month I had to think harder to come up with a fun craft for girls.  Since summer is approaching, I thought we’d encourage some outdoor fun.  This craft can be completed with things you will find around the house.  But if you want to make the tennis racquet more authentic, you can cut out the string area and replace it with an open weave material found at a cloth store or other string like material–be creative!  Use a clear rubber band to hold it tightly in your dollfriend’s hand or weave the handle between the fingers.  Since Alex’s arms rotate at the elbow she can do forehand and backhand strokes!  So much fun!


The Learning Channel (TLC)—What happened to the learning?

My favorite television channels have always been stations like The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Learning Channel..etc., but as time progresses this type of qGirluality family viewing has been falling off.  What’s disturbing is the material that is replacing this programming—Reality TV!  I have to ask, whose reality are we viewing and why?  The Learning Channel has moved so far away from their namesake that they had to rebrand as TLC!  Their entire line up is a compilation of reality television: America’s Worst Tattoos, Toddlers and Tiaras, Honey Booboo, Breaking Amish…etc.  If this is learning, count me out!

With the number of channels on the air, you would think there would be something for everyone—including parents who get tired of saying, “No, you can’t watch that!” or “Turn that channel!”  Instead, I find myself having to be ever more diligent of removing the amazing amount of entertainment pollution being created today.

I think the best protection against mass media’s contribution to an eroding American value system is to provide children with better things to do than watch television.  If we don’t watch it, advertisers will not sponsor it.  It is really in OUR hands.  Now that television is digital, each station can get real time data about viewer behavior.  That means every time you turn the channel, you are sending a message directly to the station manager.  Yes, you have never had this much power before.

So next time you are watching something just because there is nothing better to view, turn it off.  Send a message that you have had enough!  Let’s get back to taking family walks, playing games, reading books, talking.  The real Learning Channel is at home and it begins with us.

Thankful for the hard times…

I was married at 18 and idealistic about the world.  We were poor but it was a reasonable price for building our own life.  I remember our reclaimed refrigerator, old with rust overtaking the remnants of white paint.   But it was clean and kept the food as if it were new.  My dad painted Cadillac White over the beat-up Toyota that was gifted to us in a show of support of a decision that pained him so.

Casey was the first, a little girl with bright red hair which gave way to golden locks.  Then came Timmy, a boy so sweet he’d melt your heart with one look.  It was their love that made each day one to remember.

The lessons came one after another, a divorce, a subsequent marriage to an abuser and soon I wondered where the girl who was going to change the world went.  How did I get here?  Where was I going?  What have I learned?

Shannon, big blue eyes and a mind faster than lightning itself…the love, the lessons, the hopes for her future to be reflective of more than mine.  Yes being a mom was always the greatest honor, my greatest joy.

I found myself again in my thirties.  Worked hard and never stopped believing that I could do anything I set my mind to.  The path was now much harder, a single mom with two failed attempts of finding the one.  It wasn’t going to stop me.  Every moment with my children made me happy to be alive.

By forty I finished my business degree, climbed to a financial safe ground, married a good man and gave birth to little Nicholas.  This one was my super hero—never a moment without his cape flying behind him.  Black for Batman, red for Superman and a blue cape just to give me a chance to wash the others.  After all the mistakes I made, I was still blessed beyond my fair share.

The economic recession liquidated my banking job and left me with another transition to contemplate.  I knew I had unfinished work yet to do.  I’ve learned so many things.  I finished an MBA, continue to teach for the local university with a passion to build up the young; prepare them for the flurry of decisions yet to beckon them to multiple possibilities.  Choose well, be exceptional, and know you can do anything to which you set your mind.

There is so much talent in each and every child…so much promise.  If they don’t discover it, it will be dormant for a lifetime.  My dream, the job I am fighting for is the chance to create a company that will nurture, give light to the talents and dreams of as many as I can reach.  If they want to sing, let them sing.  If they want to write, let their writings be read by many.  If they want to dream, let them dream that there is nothing they cannot do just as long as they believe.  Then let’s watch them and smile.

Here’s to mothers everywhere.  We are not perfect, but love makes the imperfect perfect to our young.

My warmest of wishes always,