A Fashion Designer in the Making

Dollfriend Sewing, Via E, Meet Zaleeya, a budding Fashion Designer.  Many dreams and careers are launched during the tender ages of youth.  It is then when we often know ourselves the best–before the world tells us what we are supposed to become.  I met Zaleeya at a Girl Scout event where she was being recognized for her accomplishments in math and science.  Zaleeya’s goal is to someday become a Fashion Designer.  I thought to myself, why not now?  So, I asked Zaleeya to create a fashion for our Tatiana Dollfriend®.  Happily, she was as excited to take on the project as I was to ask her to do so.

I put forth no guidelines or requests, the design was to be just Zaleeya and her own creativity.

FIRST:  Zaleeya sketched many different design ideas and then selected her favorite design.

NEXT, she was off to the local fabric store to find the materials needed to create her vision.

THEN having the design and the fabric, it was time to get busy making the pattern and fitting the design for Tatiana.  Zaleeya spent many days with her sewing teacher, measuring, cutting, sewing, and adjusting until she came up with her finished product.

Via E Sewing, Dollfriend Sewing, Tatiana Dollfriend

A, little bit of sparkle, coordinating accent rose belt with three flower accents to pull together the perfect pallet of color.  Part of being a Fashion Designer is knowing how to create fashions that will make the person wearing the outfit look their best.  I think we would all agree Zaleeya has a promising Fashion Design Career in her future!Via E Sewing, Dollfriend Sewing, Tatiana Dollfriend

Be a Dollfriend® Fashion Designer like Zaleeya.  Make your own patterns or find patterns for Dollfriends at https://via-e.com/collections/sewing-patterns-and-activities.

Thank you Zaleeya!