Real Men Talk Dolls–Turning Dad’s interest upside down

Yes, today’s real men don’t need to prove they are tough; they are comfortable talking about pink bows, giggles and dolls–all the while wishing this time could last forever.

It’s all about daddy’s little girl.  Blog

A magical time…dad absorbed in learning what little girls are all about, while little girls find their knight in shining armor in their dad’s smiles.

A new preoccupation:

How to protect her?

How to stay close?

How to help her find her way?

The answers are simple:
Stay close, daddy. Be careful of what she watches on TV…what video games she plays…what female role models she embraces. Little girl’s hearts are open and full of love. Their imaginations are boundless and they trust…fully. Your little girl will grow up to become what she is surrounded by.

Today’s girl is active.  Get her involved in sports or something you can share together. Choose her dollfriends carefully and make sure doll play reflects what you would want your daughter to emulate. Read her books; tell her how smart she is. Love her mom and give your little girl a secure home.

With you on the watch, you by her side, the world can become her oyster.

Here’s to men who dare to talk dolls.


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March Craft for Girls–Team Spirit

Sporting events can be great family fun either on location or at home watching events on television.  This craft is meant to bring families together and add some dollfriend cheering for more girl fun!

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