Via E Learning is dedicated to highlighting and discussing important issue that influence and shape environments of young girls.  Our goal is to support educational efforts while integrating them into interesting and fun activities with built-in support for wholesome values.  We hope to foster a community of mothers who dare to fight today’s attack on innocence while embracing the opportunities found in our rapidly changing world.

I wish to make every mother my friend, and every girl my joy.  Together we can make a positive difference in our own lives and the lives we reach out to touch.

Many warm regards,


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  1. Hi, I’m looking forward to reading Alex’s book and perhaps purchasing her. I love your monthly crafts. I do doll crafts on my new blog ( http://zanaree.com) and did a quick post about Alex today after I saw an add on Facebook. The fact she can go in the water will be very exciting for my 6 year old. Good luck!

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