Live Inspired.

Every moment that you give, more will be returned to you.  But you have to be still and allow the gifts to embrace you.  Gifts of money, notoriety, success are fleeting. The gifts that quiet the hunger of the sole are only found through others, through appreciation of what we have a peace that is found when you touch the maker.

This TED Conference video was passed on to me as a thank you for time I had donated.  I believed this gift of beauty is greater than anything I could contribute to your day.

RianforestWhy do I design dolls?  Why do I write children’s books?  Why have I chosen to live with less for the chance to leave a smile behind?

In this video Louie Schwartzberg said it best, “We protect what we fall in love with.”

I’m in love with the innocence of children.  I’m in love with the way a doll captures and preserves the warmest of memories from our pasts.  I’m in love with reflecting the beauty of diversity.  I’m in love with the potential of every mind, every heart. But most of all, I’m in love with you.  I love every post, every picture, every family and every girl or boy.

TatianaBeach2I want to protect innocence.  I hope to preserve and cherish your childhood memories or rewrite them if need be to erase pain.  I want to celebrate diversity in such a way that we are enhanced and elated by our differences.  I hope to encourage each to reach for their greatest dream, to love learning and exploring.  And if you are lonely, I want to provide a family where you know you are loved.

Via E is not a toy company…it is a family where dreams are the steps to the best that life can offer.

I hope for you to live inspired.  Inspiration is all around…and you are my inspiration.

From my heart to yours,




My Curly Hair Adventure

The world of curls is so very wonderful! Like all things of wonder, these beautiful curls have their own set of care requirements.  Understand these, the reward is a multitude of hair styles and fun!

Since I was not born with the gift of curls, I have had to research how to take care and manage curly hair so Tatiana Dollfriend® families can keep Tatiana’s curly hair beautiful.  I have tried several combs, brushes, hair products…even fabric softener (Tatiana’s hair is synthetic.)  I came to my own conclusions but realized what I should do is ask the experts–curly hair girls.

What I found was a fun world of hair styles, and set routines that were followed.  Many of these tips confirmed what I discovered while playing with Tatiana’s hair, but it was so much more fun learning from others.  Here is a set of Tatiana hair care suggestions:

What you will need:  A spray bottle and a large WetBrush (I found combs to pull and break hair too easily.  (WetBrush hairbrush product’s bristles flex so they don’t break or pull out the hair.)


Dry brushing curly hair will cause it to expand and  tangle easier.  Instead dampen the hair to help manage. (Remember, Dollfriends® can get wet.)

  1. Using a spray bottle, dampen the hair. Add a product that lubricates the synthetic hair into your spray bottle.  This can be fabric softener, a natural products hair conditioner or detangler solution.  (avoid products with paraben)
  2. Use your fingers to separate the hair strands and remove any large tangles.
  3. Next, section the hair into smaller sections and brush the wet hair starting at the tips and working upward toward the head.
  4. Once you have brushed through all of Tatiana’s hair, rinse it with warm water to remove any product on the hair. (Keep water away from Tatiana’s eyes and be sure to blow out any water that ends up in her eyes.)
  5. Using a towel, pat dry Tatiana’s hair and then use a scrunching motion to encourage the curls to reform.  Trim off any loose hair to finish.

During playtime, use a large hair clip or hair scrunchy to help keep Tatiana’s hair from tangling. There are several hair styles that will help keep Tatiana’s hair in good shape while also providing a lot of fashion fun! While dressing and undressing Tatiana, remember to always lift Tatiana’s hair away while putting on or taking off clothing that uses Velcro.  (The Velcro male side has small hooks that can capture hair.)

One of my goals in making Dollfriends® is to help girls learn about each other and appreciate the amazing differences that make life so wonderful.  My curly hair adventure was very fun.  I learn a lot more than just how to care for curly hair, but also about girls of mixed race and their challenges.  Life is not without challenges for any of us.  But by learning about the challenges of others, we realize that we are not alone in our own challenges.  AND our compassion and understanding of others makes us better people and better friends.

Here are a few of my favorite videos.  The girls in these videos each have unique personalities and styles, and each made me smile and applaud their creativity and desire to help others.  I hope you enjoy them too!

NOTE:  NEVER use blow dryers on Dollfriend® hair.  The videos below are instructions for real girl hair.  Have fun!

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