January’s Craft for Girls–New Year’s Celebration

I created this craft to help girls celebrate New Year’s–the day of new beginnings–and to encourage yearly goal setting.  Cut out the megaphone and party hat, then tape the ends together for dollfriend sized New Year’s party favors.  Then use the list provided to help her set some goals for 2013.


Each New Year gives us hope.  It is like calling a “do over” for all the mistakes we made in the past, goals we didn’t quite accomplish; and provides a time where we surround ourselves with friends, family and loved ones who care about us in spite of our shortfalls.  Yes, I think this celebration is at the top of my list.  It is not dependant on gift giving, or money.  Anyone who can shout out, bang cooking pots or trash can lids, dance about and wish another a happy new year can participate.  New Year’s celebrations are an equal opportunity event.

I hope you join in the fun, find your optimism and share goodwill with a person in need of a kind word.  Make a new list of goals and pat yourself on the back for the good things you did in 2012.  We are all blessed–even when times are the most difficult.  Building a new business is very difficult.  It has required much sacrifice but I believe someday in the not so distant future the results will prove that there was no better project for my time.  So I am thankful that I can still overcome the struggles and I am thankful for you who believe just like me that serving people will always return more than what is required.

I wish you and your special girl(s) a wonderful and prosperous 2013–Happy New Year!

Warmly,  Ellen

Mom, Dad Are You Going To Vote?

How you answer this question says more than who you vote for and what political party you associate.  Our children are watching, learning and building attitudes towards the world around us.  Not voting implies indifference, lack of faith in the system and influences their attitudes on the matter.  Children are curious by nature.  They listen and ponder issues that surround them and are eager to participate in building a better world.  Without your participation, your child is influenced by teachers, PTAs, friends, each opinion circling in their heads as they try to put the issues into columns of good and bad.

Children do vote;  they do feel passion for what they think is right or wrong.  Their votes may not be recorded today, but they are heard on the winds of tomorrow.  So the question is:  Who will educate your child on how to make good decisions?  What values are worth fighting for?  How to determine when they are being misled?  These critical thinking skills are seeded in youth and molded by those of influence.  If you don’t discuss important issues with your child, they will look to another for guidance.

Make voting a family habit, a family discussion…but most of all teach them that they do have a voice by showing them yours.  VOTE.