Real Men Talk Dolls–Turning Dad’s interest upside down

Yes, today’s real men don’t need to prove they are tough; they are comfortable talking about pink bows, giggles and dolls–all the while wishing this time could last forever.

It’s all about daddy’s little girl.  Blog

A magical time…dad absorbed in learning what little girls are all about, while little girls find their knight in shining armor in their dad’s smiles.

A new preoccupation:

How to protect her?

How to stay close?

How to help her find her way?

The answers are simple:
Stay close, daddy. Be careful of what she watches on TV…what video games she plays…what female role models she embraces. Little girl’s hearts are open and full of love. Their imaginations are boundless and they trust…fully. Your little girl will grow up to become what she is surrounded by.

Today’s girl is active.  Get her involved in sports or something you can share together. Choose her dollfriends carefully and make sure doll play reflects what you would want your daughter to emulate. Read her books; tell her how smart she is. Love her mom and give your little girl a secure home.

With you on the watch, you by her side, the world can become her oyster.

Here’s to men who dare to talk dolls.


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Write A Story–Win an iPad Mini

iPadWe are looking for our first Via Me Authors and to help get the word out we are having a contest where one lucky girl will win an iPad Mini!

Be one of the first 50 girls submitting a story and receive a FREE gift valuing up to $50.00!

How it works:
Write us a story including an illustration for the cover of your storybook, and a minimum of one additional illustration for the inside of your book. Then email or mail your story and illustrations to us for review and entry into the Apple mini iPad contest.

All stories will be edited for spelling and basic grammar before they are posted to the Via Me Author’s Desk website. An email from the editor will be sent with writing suggestions to help you improve your writing skills and to notify you that your story is published on the Via Me Author’s Desk site.  Additionally, you will be notified of any winnings to which you are qualified and or recieving.

Every girl wins!
Every girl wins when she gains the title of “Author” on the Via Me Author’s Desk.
Every girl receives discounts for Via E toys for girls.
Every girl is entered in the drawing for a new white Apple iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi.

3 girls will achieve the title, Top Author, and will become featured Authors


The first 50 Girls receive a FREE gift valuing up to $50.00!

10 girls receive an autograph copy of Alex’s first book, Ten Acts of Kindness
16 girls will receive signed copies of an illustration progression from rough to final for one of the illustrations in Alex’s new book soon to be released, Treasure of the Red Sand Beach

Enter as many times as you wish!*

Submission instructions:

  1. Every story must have a cover illustration and a minimum of one story illustration.
  2. Stories must contain wholesome content.  We encourage fully developed stories, however, there are no minimum word requierments.
  3. Stories may be picture books but some words must be present to “tell” the story.
  4. Each submission requires full name, age, grade in school and state or country. Please do not include city or name of school for security reasons.
  5. A parent’s signature or email expressing acknowledgement of the submission.
  6. Email your submissions to:


Mail to:
My Story c/o Via E, Inc.
555 N. El Camino Real Suite A288
San Clemente, CA 92672

This contest is for ages 5 to 12 years old. Contest will run until the first 100 valid submissions have been received or February 28, 2013, whichever occurs first.

* Each entry will count toward the mini iPad drawing, but only one additional prize can be received per person.

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