Tell a friend about Elena

I’ve made a flyer to help spread the news about Elena.  Please print or copy it to an email and use it to tell a friend about Elena so we can spread the word that we have something special at Via E.  Your help is greatly appreciated!!

(To print, copy and paste into Microsoft Word Doc or other application.  To copy, right click on your mouse and then select copy.)


9 thoughts on “Tell a friend about Elena

    • If you pre-purchase now, you get her for only $68.00 plus shipping. That is 50% off her in-stock price. You can order her at All pre-order participants get their name added to Elena’s box! There is still time before I have to send the box artwork to the factory…but not much more time.

  1. Ellen, After reading your new messages on Elena and a young lady, that was attacked by a Pit bull, Angel Poet. I would like to so something. I was going to order another Elena on March 8,2017 but I would like to increase the order to read 2. I will leave up to you to present the one Elena to her as an act of Kindness. I did this to a Child with Alexis and to date Anna Marie is still doing great in school and keeping her room Clear of a mess LOL. She told me that Alexis helps with the Home work mainly the reading ad she is up to her grade level a little weak. I am so happy that she has stuck to it and Alexis helps her. The wonderful mind of a 10 year old. You can let her know that one has been given to her and she will receive her when the rest comes in. Please send me Pay pal invoice for the two dolls, and to clear up the shipping of the Tatiana’s return all in one billing. It would be greatly appreciated.

    I sure hope that their be another Girl Friend.

    the tracking number for Tatiana is USPS: 1310 2180 000 6451 9449. She was shipped 2/23/2017 said you should receive on or about 3/2/2017. Hope you like the little Thank you’s I sent.

    God Bless



    • Your heart is so beautiful. I remember the little girl who worked to earn the Alexis you sent to her. Your actions will make a life-long impact. I’ll send you a paypal invoice and will note the gift so I’ll know where to ship when Elena is ready. I’ll reach out to Angel Poet and tell her of the real Angel who has purchased an Elena for her so I can get her mailing details as well. I’m looking forward to working on the Tatiana(s) for you too because there is a valuable message to share with girls that all colors are beautiful and valued. The second one that I send back with yours will be styled and painted different to try to make them look different and add some variation for your shows. 🙂

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