The tightrope…

Many people are finding today’s times to be challenging.  The tightrope between where we were and where we yet want to be is longer than we first thought.  Like many I was push onto a tightrope.  Once I balanced I found that there are many ropes crossing the chasm between where I once was and where I hope to be.  Some of the paths offered tightropes bridging shorter distances—those with small islands of reprieve from the stress of rope walking.  There were ropes lower to the ground so that if I fall, the flight and landing would not be too scary or damaging.  Then there were the high ropes…the long ropes and the ropes that were unclear to what trials would be endured during the journey.

tightropeSmThere are times you may find yourself balancing over a chasm before you had time to choose which rope, which path, to take. To switch under these circumstances will require a leap of faith.

Some have recently lost a job or incurred a health problem and with a not so gentle push, you are now walking your own tightrope.  The first instinct when pushed onto a tightrope is to look down.  Our arms shoot out to both side for balance and our gut wrenches….until….our sights locate a safety net.  The strength of that net combined with cheering supporters gives us the courage to cross the tightrope or even use the moment to climb higher.  The larger the group of people cheering us on…the less reliant we become on the safety net.

I think life is a perpetual series of tightrope walks. With balance, cheering fans, appropriate safety nets, we are able to cross each chasm and maybe even climb to new heights.

So if you are crossing a tightrope that at times feels like it is too far above the ground or too tremulous, my suggestion is…don’t look down.  Listen to those who are cheering you onto the other side and stay focused on the next step to where you are going vs. where you have been.  You may have less of a safety net than what you would like, but if you stay focused, stay balanced and keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will reach the other side.

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