Revolution!—Fighting for the right for her to become all she can be.

BoxIt is everywhere: sports, music, dance, various clubs, working environments…a box. A set of boundaries that dictates what is allowed to be contributed.  A select few elected by another group of select few are the gate keepers to who gains access and what contributions can be made within the box.

As a girl my dreams were boundless and energy unrelenting…the box never fit.  As an adult, my goals were merely to use all of my talents to help, build, fix, and achieve…the box never fit.

Raising my four children and watching the box form around them angered me.  How can anyone justify limiting young potential?  Economist will explain supply and demand principals telling us there are only so many spots for talent and creativity, thus only a select few will rise and the rest will reside in the box of the “normal” distribution.

Enough!  There is so much talent, creativity, wonderment and curiosity in each child, each person—we were not created to fit into a box.  We need a revolution!  A talent revolution.  Dare to sing; dare to draw, create, solve, explore…be a visionary.  Refuse the box and live unbound and always exploring.  There is not a normal because each and every one of us is unique with gifts meant to be shared and developed.

We live in a world of boxes and gate keepers and we do need to teach our children how to navigate this reality, but let us teach them that they can create their own path.  Help them to avoid boxes with limits to their growth…find pools of people who believe in the inalienable right for them to be all that they can and should become.

Via E is my kick in the knee to those who build boxes and those gate keepers who dare to say yes to some and no to others.  Via E is a platform for every girl to showcase her talents—a place where there are no boxes.  In just a few more weeks, we will re-launch the Via E website.  Here there are no boxes to be found…just a celebration of her. There are never too many stars in the sky…my dream is to give them space and then sit back with you and watch them shine.

My heart to yours, always…Ellen.

4 thoughts on “Revolution!—Fighting for the right for her to become all she can be.

  1. this is great, I had a six grade teacher tell me I didn’t need to learn anything for me to just get married and pop out babies, for the hole year he taught me nothing he has me work one math problem all year long, I didn’t learn much math until I had to run a house hold.

    • I’m having a hard time putting in to words how much that kind of behavior from a teacher angers me. I’m hoping society has grown some, but know that we have a lot more work to do!

  2. I really love the ideas that you have and the morals and thought you are putting behind them. I wish you the best of luck with your company I hope you are extremely successful. As a mother of 12, I have seen the toys out there and it had to be extremely choosey with what I buy for both my children and my grandchildren.
    I look forward to seeing your website when it is back up. I wish to RSVP the Alexis doll. I look forward to RSVP ing her friend Tatiana when she comes out. I am happy to see that you are including dolls of verying races in your collection. as I have a granddaughter who is of mixed race.

    • You are blessed with 12? That is amazing! You are amazing! Thank you for your words of support. It is strange that values are “out of style” now days. So I figure only a little company like the one I’m trying to build has the best chance to bring them back in some way. Big business chases the trends. I love the diversity found in people…even as a child. My parents were founders of a mission in Baja California, Mexico. I was only allowed to go once when I was a child but the work was part of my surroundings growing up. I think this sewed a seed of curiosity and compassion in me since I was witness to extreme poverty and medical hardships. There is so much beauty to be found in others that I think we do our children a disservice teaching them to focus only on themselves which is what today’s society is emulating. It is very exciting to meet others who feel the same as I do and that social media allows us to collect and do a good work together!

      To RSVP for Alexis, I just need your shipping address and phone number so I can create your RSVP Certificate. Please email it to me at and I’ll email your certificate back to you. The RSVP Certificates lock in the promotional pricing and help me prepare for quick shipping when the first production dolls arrive.

      Thank you so much for your comments and I look forward to getting to know you more as time progresses!



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